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I’m really glad it’s DONE: our departure from New York. The moving truck got packed to the gills, and shutting its door after stuffing the baby mattress in felt really good and also scary. We’ve lived at Stony Brook for six straight years and a quarter of our lives all told. Our last day was all about hauling trash, moving claimed furniture into piles in the basement, and stockpiling in the dining room everything we needed to get into the minivan. The two cleaners I’d hired came while we were out at dinner. Elsy speaks only Spanish, but Miguel left a note in English wishing us luck and stating that he and Elsy were married the day before. Wow! Hard to articulate how that sweet note made me feel: that our lives are about work and survival and joy at the same time, that strangers can connect in real ways (even in Indiana…?). It was great to see the house so empty and clean. The final packing of the van was the hardest part–Kevin and I were both exhausted, peevish, and fuzzy-headed. I accidentally threw out all Jesse’s underwear in a last-minute clothing purge.

So now we’re on vacation in Virginia, and after one day of driving and one day of cranky oh-god-what-do-we-do-with-ourselves-now? feelings we’re really beginning to rest. Much. Needed.¬†And I’ve got time to enjoy the poem our friend David gave us the night before we left, Sharon Olds’ “Topography:”

After we flew across the country we

got in bed, laid our bodies

delicately together, like maps laid

face to face, East to West, my

San Francisco against your New York, your

Fire Island against my Sonoma, my

New Orleans deep in your Texas, your Idaho

bright on my Great Lakes, my Kansas

burning against your Kansas your Kansas

burning against my Kansas, your Eastern

Standard Time pressing into my

Pacific Time, my Mountain Time

beating against your Central Time, your

sun rising swiftly from the right my

sun rising swiftly from the left your

moon rising slowly from the left my

moon rising slowly from the right until

all four bodies of the sky

burn above us, sealing us together,

all our cities twin cities,

all our states united, one

nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Here’s to adventure! With people you love!


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