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Looking for Lies

I had a teacher in grad school who taught me to look for lies in my writing. She had her students bring in ten published lies–found anywhere–to a class discussion. One of the lies I learned to find in my poems was the insistent happy ending. The too-tidy resolution. Also: the self-conscious adoption of various rhythmic or thematic trends. I learned to ask: is this true? what makes it true? what would make it truer? Often the answer is more research, more rewriting. Sometimes the answer is more living, more time. Sometimes the answer is prayer.

Rock Bottom Prayer


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Hello out there. I’ve been feeling my way into this blogging thing, and liking it. Thanks to you and you who found me  on my first try, the blog Better Letters–you were important encouragers. That blog was begun to present my credentials as a writer and teacher; everything on it can now be found here, at Push The Pen.

Why the change? I wanted to have the option to post more than strictly writing-oriented, career-oriented content…the option to put my whole self out more boldly on the page.

The page, empty or filled, has always been my siren, my frontier, and at the same time my comfort. If you’ve found your way here, perhaps you know just what I mean.

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"one hand, raised"

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